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Testimonials (Volume 3)

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Southland puppy owners please send your news for inclusion here!


I got a female pup (Paige) from your Teal and Joe litter this spring (3-16-07) and she is fantastic. Her training is coming along very well and even though she is full of drive and energy I have been able to train her so far without the use of an e-collar. I spend 10-15 minutes with her twice a day on basic obedience yard training and then do some retrieving field work at a local pond or river. Her basic obedience (sit/stay, heel, and come) is pretty solid and she doesn't break on retrieves. I've already introduced her to live birds and she is not gun shy at all.

I think you are very careful and truthful with your breeding program and I'm glad we found you.


Midnight (Reba/Joe Litter 6-23-07) graduated from basic obedience yesterday and our trainer is in love with him. He's such a good dog.... Thank you for helping pick out an amazing dog for our family - he's perfect..... I can't tell you how much joy this little / getting big guy has brought to our home.... We have signed him up for advance training since he's doing so well.

Kirk Hammock

Glinnie (Cotton/Leroy 5-2-05) was in her first agility trial two weeks ago and these are the pictures. She earned her Novice JWW title and Novice Standart title yesterday, in just her second trial. Bob and Jackie Kirkland who have D'Va, another one of Leroy's chocolates who also competes, were our biggest fans, next to my parents.

Thank you again for a rock star dog who LOVES to work!

Loughan Campbell

UPDATE: 1-21-14
Just wanted to let you know that Glinnie earned her second agility championship this past December. She earned her Preferred Agility Championship, or PACH. She is 8 ½ years old and running as strong as she ever has. The vets are amazed by her. We will most likely ease into retirement from agility over the next year. She is a tricks star and a double certified therapy dog- Therapy Dog, Inc. and Reading Education Assistance Dogs- so she will have plenty to keep her busy. Next year we will focus on tracking. If she earns her tracking title she will also earn the VCD title, Versatile Companion Dog. She truly is my best friend and responsible for introducing me to dog sports, therapy work and many of the closest human friends I have.


I wanted to take a moment and give you an update on a puppy, Tucker, that Joan and I got from you last November. Our Tucker is from a litter of Jenna and Tucker puppies. Tucker is six months old now and he is doing wonderful. He weighs about 53 lbs and is very healthy. He is an Angel and Devil all rolled up into one, but he is a welcome addition to our household. Tucker loves people, and other dogs, and everyone that meets him comments on how beautiful he is. Tucker is very smart and I have taught him the basic obedience stuff, but have enrolled him in a formal class to broaden and solidify these skills.

I have attached a couple of pictures of Tucker. It is hard to find a picture of Tucker by himself; he is very attached to our 8 year old female Lab.

Thank you for breeding quality dogs.

Millersville, MD

"Rocky" is almost 13 months old (Goldie/Tucker litter 11-1-307) and I took him to Crainey Island, MD yesterday for opening day. We had a great time and he behaved very well. He (and I) are very proud of his first retrieve, a Mallard Drake.

He is not only a sweet dog but a very intelligent animal. He is full of vigor and vinegar at times but has all the good qualities desired in a hunting Lab.

Art Payne
Mechanicsville, VA

I just wanted to say thank you for breeding such wonderful puppies!!! My boyfriend, Tracy, brought home Chester (Peanut/Rusty Litter whelped 9-18-07) just before Christmas and I was thrilled to say the least. Chester is doing well, growing like a weed and is just such a perfect family dog. He is obedient and learns so fast. He loves everyone, even the vet!!! I have never seen a dog so relaxed and sure of himself, he even sleeps on his back completely sprawled out no worries.

Angie and Tracy Grevert

I've been meaning to send you a picture of Kylie to add to your website and I finally got around to it. Kylie is from your Joe/Teal litter (3/16/07) and just had her first birthday. She is doing great and we have such a blast doing everything together from bird hunting to fishing in the mountains to runs in the park. Myself and my family just want to thank you for adding such a wonderful member to our family. I get comments all the time from people saying she is such a beautiful dog and well behaved young lady.

Matthew J. Zinno



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