Retired Brood Bitch

                               Free to Good Home


“Sarah” has been a wonderful addition to my breeding program. Much to my regret it has come time for her to retire. Sarah is a dark chocolate weighing about 75 lbs. She is currently nursing her last litter, which consisted of only 2 pups. She will be ready to go to her new home in early March. She is 7 and in good health. She is on no meds except for her monthly Heartgard and Advantix. She is still very active outdoors and loves to retrieve. She is affectionate and loves people of all ages and gets along well with other dogs. She is not an Alpha. She was a house dog before I acquired her and should adjust well from her kennel living to living in a home environment.

“Sarah” will make someone a wonderful, loyal and loving companion, perfect for someone who doesn’t want to deal with the antics of a puppy or young dog. Please contact me for any additional information.


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